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How to become a EQ2U Scholar (Patreon)
June 19, 2024 -- The new Anashti Sul server on the 2006 "Origins" EQ2 ruleset is now live. Sadly, there are no plans for it to support Census.
Adventure Report (on some pages called Kunark Ascending Report) has been updated to cover 16 of the 21 expansions AND now has tooltips you can hover over each expansion's quest count like 11 / 17 and it will show you which quests are done or not!
You can help support continued development by becoming an EQ2U Scholar (Patreon). Mercenaries are NOW AVAILABLE for EQ2U Scholars (Patreon supporters). Already a subscriber? Add your Patreon e-mail address.
These vendors and the items they sell have been hand-entered into EQ2U.
Sentinel's Fate  Vendors
Kal' Jeketh 
Tay Na'al
<Token Trader - Exceptional Jewelry>
<Token Trader - Dangerious Martial Instruments>
<Token Trader - Exceptional Armor>
The Shadow Odyssey  Vendors
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Black Market Shard Trader>
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Greater Shard Armor Merchant>
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Infused Shard Jewelry Merchant>
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Shard Armor Merchant>
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Shard Jewelry Merchant>
a mysterious Quellithulian
<Shard Miscellania Merchant>
Awnya N'Kval
<Najena's Elemental Jeweler>
Edric Fyrecog
<Elemental Treasure Hunter>
Noble Tark Validus